Education et Développement de l’Astronomie

Educación y desarrollo de la Astronomía



Commission 46 is a Commission within Division C  of the IAU. This Commission seeks to further the development and improvement of astronomical education at all levels throughout the world through various projects initiated, maintained, and to be developed by the Commission and by disseminating information concerning astronomy education.

Commission 46 has a new role following the creation of the Office of Astronomy for Development (OAD) in 2011. Some ideas about this are in the document  “On the future of C46″ by President Jean-Pierre de Greve.

If you are a member of the IAU, and have an interest in astronomy education, you should join Commission 46 by emailing the C46 President Jean-Pierre de Greve at jpdgreve@vub.ac.be.  We present on this website the various activities (Program Groups, PGs) that you could become involved in.

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