One of the most annoying and probably most expensive things about house maintenance is your roof. No matter if you live in a house or an apartment this is one of the most expensive investments. Therefore, you need to be aware how the shape of your roof affects the possibility of leaking. If your roof is flat, there is a high possibility of leaking, because the water doesn’t run off the roof surface. This way water easily finds the breaks and cracks in the roofing surface that caused the leaking. No wonder there is a proverb that only three certain things in our life are death, taxes and roof leaking. The best way to prevent it is to apply the best technology and methods of repair.

All of these technologies have one thing in common and that is high-quality. Quality should be always on top of the list that you want for your roof. If you use a quality repairing technology, then you will have a long-lasting roof that doesn’t need constant maintenance just to keep in one piece.

Spray Applied Coating

No matter how weak your roof material is, you can always make it stronger. That way we have so many sprays applied coatings, you can use to prevent your roof from leaking. Spray applied Coating has an impressive performance record. The most significant advantage of this option is its ease of application. It is so simple that a child can do it. The only thing you need is a pump, and you can apply the coating. It will adhere to the surface easily, no need for any primer.

Spray Applied CoatingMetal roofing

Metal roofs are simple, easy to install and cheap, but they require maintenance from time to time. As one of the most affordable options, people do not want to spend extra cash on repairs. It is why engineers developed simple and cheap methods of repairing metal roofs. Since rust can be a major issue with metal roofs, try to locate areas where rust can appear more quickly. Any repairs should be done with proper, low-tolerance tools and the best quality rubbers, fillers and other sealants. Any minor, surface damage on metal roofs can be remedied by hand. It means sanding down the rust, cleaning the area and applying proper primers and rust inhibitors.

Tile roofs

Sun in warm climates can be especially harsh on ceramic tile roofs. They can deteriorate quite quickly if not maintained properly. For quick and effective repairs, use top-grade roofing cement. Broken or cracked tiles will require replacement.

Shingle repairsShingle repairs

Shingles, no matter how tough and durable can be devastated by the scorching sun or water damage followed by freezing temperatures. Older shingle roofs can expect to warp and, subsequently, incorrect positioning, which leads to leaks. Make sure you use the best tools available and top-quality repair materials before removing and replacing old shingles.

Thatched roofs

Many people return to the low-tech feel of the thatched roofs, but they do not last forever and have to be properly maintained. You should look for any water build up because if you end up with mold in your roof, you will need to invest much more time and money. Replace any of the damaged thatched material and secure properly with the right tools.